What is the Significance of Using PDF For Websites?

According to the biggest search engine, there are more than 450 million PDF files spread on the internet. The PDF format file was firstly designed by Adobe in the early ’90s. It is very contrary with the fact that the DOC format in the internet only 75 million files which were created in the early ’80s before the PDF format.

When you are trying to manage PDF format without using any software, you can start with PDF Escape which you can find it online. This tool enables you to make a minor change to your PDF format such as hiding your personal phone number or want to annotate the page with sticky notes. Sometimes, these changes are necessary if you want keep your private information before posting it on the web.

The PDF Escape also allows you to change your password protected that could be very important when someone knowing your password accidentally or purposely. In these tolls completed with the help of custom shapes, arrows, text boxes and sticky notes that could support you to add annotations and add hyperlinks to other PDF document.

On one case, if you want to give a little change to meta-data associated with a PDF document, then you need to search for Becy PDFMetaEdit. You can find it free in the internet and help you to edit details like the title, author name, and creation data keywords. It is vital when you want to posting it because the proper metadata will improve the organic rankings in search result. “convert png to vector illustrator

You can also use the tool to encrypt PDF files and protect it so only the users who know the password can access the contents of your PDF files. Another great function this tool is that you can update information in multiple PDF files in a batch. It can be done because the tool can be executed from the command line.


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